Bangalore offers a host of locations and panoramic vistas that are just ideal and perfectly suitable for photography and videography for various purposes such as for pre wedding photo shoots, family photo shoots, and couple photo shoot besides chilling out with family and friends. If you are a couple all set to tie the nuptial knot soon, you would surely want to have your pre wedding photo shoot done by the expert photographers at GK Vale at some of the scenic locations across the city.

There is no dearth of suitable and impressive locations for a photo shoot in Bangalore and we will help you find the best ones to fit your style and budget. Our seasoned photographers know the best and right angles and backgrounds that would make each picture of yours a masterpiece artwork in its own style. Pre wedding photography is something more than just capturing the best shots in camera. It is about creating the beautiful memories that would linger and stay with the couple for the rest of the life. These are the special times that they would surely want to immortalize.

GK Vale Specialises in Photography

We are proud to announce that we have been thriving in the photography industry for years and call ourselves amongst the best in the region. We started off some hundred years ago with a small studio in the city and now own an amazingly spacious, lavishly designed and well equipped studio in the posh location of Bangalore. People from all parts of the city as well as other parts of the country come to us for freezing the best of their moments in most engaging and impressive style with our world class cameras. Our team of photographers is not only highly experienced but they are quite creative also in suggesting the right poses and locations that would do justice to your photo shoot in Bangalore.

Besides pre wedding and candid wedding photography, you may count on us for your Portrait Photography in Bangalore or photo shoot of your baby or your elderly parents.

Portrait of family

Why not call us for your family portrait photography in Bangalore and give your family a wonderful gift on any occasion that is around the corner? However, I believe, every day is special and we can make our loved ones feel special at any time we want. Do we really need a special occasion for that? Agreed? Then, call us for your own or your loved ones’ Photo Shoot in Bangalore.

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