Photography is not just about the right techniques and the best of the cameras, but it is about the perfect angles, right perspectives and a click at just the right moment. Capturing photographs that look real is something only a professional and veteran photographer with an avid desire to take the best pictures and a natural inclination towards photography can only achieve.

At GK Vale, we are too much into photography that the moment our photographers see something that could create a sweet memory for you and your loved ones, they would not delay hitting the camera button. Whether you book us for your pre wedding shoot in Bangalore or for your candid wedding photography and just any other occasion you plan to celebrate, your decision of choosing GK Vale as your photography service provider will make you feel proud today and years afterwards as you open and explore your photo album to take a look back in time.

We will suggest you the right locations for your Pre Wedding Shoot in Bangalore or you may ask us to be ready with our camera at the locations you prefer across the town. Bangalore is a beautiful city with breathtakingly attractive and scenic vistas all around. On one hand the lushness and greenery of the city will spellbind you; on the other hand, the architecture and classic resorts will render your pre wedding photographs richer and opulent.

Besides pre wedding and wedding photography, we offer complete photography services including but certainly not limited to baby photo shoot, couple photo shoot, family portrait photography, fashion and matrimonial photography, and photography and videography for several other occasions that come and go in your life leaving memories that you would love the cherish for the rest of your life.

Do you have a small baby at home or are you planning for your newborn’s welcome party? Or do you simply want to celebrate your parenthood with your newly born baby? Call us for your Baby Photo Shoot at your home or walk in with the little one to our photo studio in Bangalore, whichever option you prefer. We are always ready and happy to make all your beautiful moments more beautiful and truly memorable by way of exceptional photography.

Kindly visit our portfolio to just have a look at the beautiful work we have been doing for our happy and satisfied patrons for more than a hundred years now.

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